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Exterior Makeover?

So we have no problem replacing our kitchen and bathroom every 1-12 years but what about the outside of our home? We do the roof because we have to, but what about that ugly siding that was put on the home 30, 40 or even 60 years ago! Not to mention your stucco exterior, sure it was popular 15 years ago! Ok, so let’s do an exterior make over! Options, aluminum or vinyl; siding … definitely not. That’s not only old technology that has limited colour choices, not to mention character, but what’s your house worth now? How much of the exterior of your home is siding or stucco.. 30%, 50%, all? Wood siding has become the new standard… make no mistake, this isn’t your grandfather’s wood siding he put on the cottage. This siding from manufacturers like: Maibec, Cape Cod and Fraser.

Why Wood?

The detail in the wood grain combined with the limitless options of installing the siding horizontally, vertically, with shingle profiles, numerous window and door trims, ascent pieces allow the opportunity to design your Signature Home Exterior!

➤ Custom Colour
All the manufacturers offer custom colours, bring in and paint chip and the colour is yours. They also offer a selection of in stock, trendy colours.

Most manufacturers offer a 50 year warranty on the wood itself. The colour is also backed by a 10-15 year warranty based on a two coat system. It’s true that the exterior will need basic maintenance on a regular, but not necessarily frequent basis. The nice option with the wood is when you’re due for a change of colour after 10-15 years, it’s a simple process and there, you just completed another makeover!